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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar This 2021

✅ It saves you money ????

How much money you can save depends on a few factors such as: how much electricity you use, how big your solar system is, the time of day you use electricity, and whether you get a battery installed.

To give you an idea of what you can save, Alan Hedges, an Australian resident who installed a solar system reported to the Guardian that his electricity bill went from more than $1,000 a quarter down to $46.57 which works out to be about 84% cheaper since making the switch to solar energy.

✅ It’s a strong investment ????

For many Australians, their home is their greatest asset. Recent research indicates that installing solar panels greatly increases the value of your home’s property.

By maintaining and upgrading your property, you can help hold or increase your property’s market value. Solar power is an improvement that is much more likely to increase a property’s value over other costly improvements that may require a lot of maintenance, such as a pool.

✅ Lower Your Personal Carbon Footprint ????

As we mentioned, going green and lowering your carbon footprint is more of a factor in people’s solar switch decision than ever before. When looking at residential solar energy systems, a study shows that it can reduce 3 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, which is a significant amount. As more people embrace solar energy, we will start to see significant impacts in reducing carbon emissions, while also saving significant money.

✅ Ensure Consistent Energy Cost ????

Over the years we have seen energy costs more often than not continue to climb. By investing in a solar energy system, you can insulate yourself from that. While no one predicts energy prices to go up too much in the next few years, can anyone really predict 10 years from now? By making the switch now you protect your business or your family from cash flow issues in the future.

✅ Minimal Maintenance ????

Believe it or not, the solar panel system needs little to no maintenance. You only need to clean it after a few years to maintain its efficiency, nothing else. Quite impressive, isn’t it? Today, solar systems do not require maintenance like a residential garage door needs. Most of the experts agree that there is no need to bother or spend on cleaning experts. You can do it easily as the efficiency will remain the same even when they are dirty.

In short, solar panels do not need any kind of maintenance to keep it functioning. They do work properly for more than 20 years non-stop. Don’t get to be fooled by the cleaning companies.

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