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services industrial solar
services industrial solar

Industrial Solar Systems

Electric Cool Geraldton provides innovative and cost-effective solar services to Geraldton & The Midwest industrial customers.
Solar energy can be used to generate heat for a wide variety of industrial applications, including water desalination, enhanced oil recovery, food processing, chemical production, and mineral processing, among many others.

Solar Power Experts

We are a local solar company accredited by the Clean Energy Council and licensed to not just do solar panel installations, but more importantly to design solar power solutions for your industry. With this heightened level of accreditation, you can and install effective solar systems and solutions that meet industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards.
services industrial solar

Working with Australia’s  best solar power brands, Europe & Asia’s products and local suppliers, Electric Cool Geraldton Solar leverage long lasting industry relationships and pass the benefits to their customers at the very best prices.

Industrial solar is an investment in your business sustainability. Not only will an effective solar system reduce your power bills, it will improve your carbon footprint. We even offer interest free terms.

Turn all that sunshine into power for your farm, nursery or shed. Large scale solar systems can be roof mounted or ground mounted and integrated with batteries to maximise power savings and efficiency.

Electric Cool Geraldton provide free on-site solar inspections. This is to ensure we prepare a quote and solar solution to deliver the best results for your consumption, property and location. Talk with our solar experts today and get an OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE for your business.

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