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Electrical Safety Check!

An electrical home inspection is important for the safety of your home and everyone in it. Getting your home’s electrical system checked by a professional will offer you peace of mind by:

✅Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components in your home

✅Identifying common electrical mistakes made by contractors and previous DIY homeowners

✅Identifying electrical wiring and components that may have degraded over time

✅Recognising unsafe rubber or cloth sheathed wiring

✅Spotting oversized fuses or breakers that could lead to fire

✅Keeping your home safe with the correct location and type of smoke alarms

✅Helping you save energy and reduce costs

✅Meeting insurance risk assessment inspections requirements and thermal imaging

✅Conducting electrical safety inspections and providing safety certificates on sale or purchase of a home or as requested by property management

Schedule Your Home Electrical Safety Inspection Today!

Electric Cool Geraldton offers safety inspections as part of every service call, at no additional cost to you. Don’t wait – contact us today and ensure the safety of your home and family with an electrical home inspection.

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