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Getting to know your inverter

The solar inverter is the heart of the solar system. It is a sophisticated piece of electrical equipment that is responsible for:
Conversion of DC electricity (produced by the solar panels) to AC electricity which can be used within your home or exported to the grid.
Controlling the voltage of the system to extract the maximum power available (referred to as maximum power point tracking).

Reporting on the solar system’s performance (either on screen, via bluetooth or via the internet)

Inverters cost 20-30% of your whole solar power system if you want to install a long-lasting cutting-edge inverter. Therefore, at a pinch, we should have the right inverter with its right applications.

What does a solar inverter do?

The inverter is the box on the wall, or sometimes on the roof, that takes the direct current (DC) generated by the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and converts it to alternating current (AC) for use in your household electricity circuits. It’s usually the most sophisticated component of the solar PV system.
Regardless of the type, inverters should be Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved and should meet the Australian standard AS 4777.

Where should a solar inverter be installed?

String, hybrid and battery inverters should be mounted on a shaded wall, usually near the main switchboard. Inverters are designed to be installed outdoors and are usually weatherproof, but they don’t like excessive heat; it can degrade their performance and lifespan.
If your inverter can’t be installed in a shaded area, we suggest mounting an awning over it. Specialized awnings are available. In some cases a weatherproof housing might also be needed.

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