The AirHome Air Conditioner is here!

Electric Cool Geraldton are now installing Hitachi’s most eco friendly and intelligently designed Air Conditioner!

As the official installers for Hitachi Air Conditioning units in Geraldton we are very excited to announce these new units and everything they have to offer!

The Hitachi Airhome is easy to use, makes daily life more convenient, and comes with integrated self-maintenance technology that help to improves the long-term performance of the unit. The AirHome is the AC for people who don’t want to think about AC. This unit adjusts the temperature as you arrive home or leave the house! Is 3X better at maintaining the performance of your AC and it stops the cause of common AC odors.

Heat and freezing shock, extreme humidity, torrential rain, voltage surges, lightning strikes, impacts and more… every air conditioner we sell has been tested to the extreme. In addition, our unique SafeGuard System combines electrical and mechanical systems to protect the outdoor unit from extreme weather and voltage fluctuation. These protections include a 3-minute delay circuit to prevent damaged caused by multiple fast re-starts in the event of power cuts, an ODU valve cover to channel water and condensation safely away from the outdoor unit, anti-rust paint and heat fins, and a metal fireproof electrical enclosure to protect electronics inside the outdoor unit.

The AirHome has the following amazing features:

  • Air Purification: Not only does AirHome keep you comfy, but it also impressively improves your Indoor Air Quality!
  • Frost Wash: Better at maintaining peak performance and automatically cleans your system of dust and debris build up, eliminates bacteria, reduces mold and eliminates viruses.
  • Eco mode: Eco mode automatically adjusts the temperature and fan speed to reduce power consumption, saving energy and reducing your running costs.
  • Dry mode: On humid days, Dry Operation dehumidifies the room efficiently and silently.
  • Silent mode: So quiet, you’ll forget it’s on! Thanks to the unique wave blade fan.

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