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Why Choose Solar?

There are many reasons to take advantage of Solar energy, especially in Geraldton!

The climate here is perfect for using the exposure and energy of the sun to your advantage.

Aside from being the environmentally beneficial option, reducing air pollution and generating renewable and clean energy, choosing solar is one of the greatest ways to reduce your families monthly and annual expenses.
For an average 5kw Solar System in Perth you can save from $1200-$2200 annually!

Not to mention, when you choose to have a new solar system installed, you will receive a solar panel rebate that reduces the total cost of your purchase!

Another advantage is the fact that you can receive money back when you generate and export electricity to the grid. For every kWh of energy you export you are eligible to receive a feed-in-tariff from your electricity retailer.

Solar is the cost effective, energy efficient and low maintenance option, and when it comes to Solar in Geraldton, Electric Cool are your experts!

If you are looking to become energy independent, look also into our off-grid battery options and contact Electric Cool today for further information and a free quote on any of your Solar and Battery needs.

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